Robot Projects

RNB-I Rescue Robot
The RNB-I rescue robot is a tracked type vehicle. It is capable of moving over obstacles and going over the slope of upto 45 degree from the horizontal
Hybrid Leg-Wheel Robot
The Hybrid robot is equipped with two front legs mimicing the insect front legs. [MOV]
This is a reconfigurable robot that can be reconfigured from a beer can into Sagitarius. [ASF]
QNB-I Quadruped Robot
This is the first prototype of the quadruped robot. The locomotion of this robot use sprawling gait.
Human Motion Analysis Using Image Processing
We developed the image processing algorithm for motion capturing under Linux.
Off-road Survey Robot
This robot is consisted of a new type of wheels and legs. It has high mobility to go over rough terrains and can be controlled wirelessly by remote operator.

Rehabilitation Projects

Arm Prosthesis
The arm prosthesis is consisted of a one degree of freedom driven by a pair of artificial muscles. The two muscles were arranged in opposing pair similar to the biceps and triceps in human. [Quicktime 2.8 MB]
Hand Prosthesis
This hand prosthesis is constructed with 5 fingers actuated by five artificial muscles. The finger was constructed based on human finger anatomy. The hand can grasp and life objects to help people who lost their limb to live like normal